Outsourcing  your Laundry

Outsourcing your Laundry

The hospitality industry in TCI is growing and competition is becoming more fierce – this is inevitable. There is an increasing need to focus on one’s core business of selling rooms and F&B i.e. both the customer-facing and “core” revenue generating aspects of the industry. Outsourcing of the non customer relevant laundry needs, which include; Staff uniforms, Bed & bath linen & Guest Laundry makes immediate sense.

There are many other sound economic reasons for outsourcing the laundry:

Human Resources

  • Sourcing the right skill set for the industry is difficult & risky
  • Newer advancements in technology makes it important for the company to constantly invest on training employees
  • Due to lack of linen management & training the life of a linen is reduced
  • Retaining employees is a big challenge

Financial Resources

  • Outsourcing helps to transform your property’s fixed cost structure to a more variable cost base
  • Eliminates fixed costs – staff (direct and indirect), overheads, operating costs, space saving etc
  • Lower unit operating costs coupled with higher productivity of specialist service provider
  • Capital efficiency – no need for unnecessary capital outlay for laundry machinery The laundry service provider can be a useful revenue generating partner.
  • There are many such examples of this in the industry. We are ready to explore such concepts with our customers