Plant Capacity & Operations

Plant Capacity & Operations

Plant Layout

  • Total area: 45,000 sq.ft
  • Built-up area: 15,000 sq.ft
  • The flat linen laundry has the design capacity to handle 3 tons of hotel linen in a single 8 hours shift.
  • The garment laundry can handle 1 000 garments (1,800 Lbs) in a single 8 hours shift
  • We have 2 customised vans, of two sizes to ensure timely delivery
  • The plant is currenly operating 1½ shifts per day & 7 days a week

Imperial Chart


  • The laundry and dry cleaning for hotel linen & garment require different processes, technology as well as resources such as manpower, utilities etc.
  • At IMPERIAL, we have taken care to separate these processes into two different area without cross over between them
  • Each process is designed in a modular way, in order to warrant future capacity growth easily
  • Due consideration for all operational aspects has been given during the design of IMPERIAL, including operating costs, maintenance of plant and machinery, environmental considerations, productivity and logistics
  • We are confident that an optimum balance has been achieved that will ensure that IMPERIAL will offer an unbeatable standard of service to all its clients
  • IMPERIAL is designed to handle all the laundry and dry cleaning needs.


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